I’m joining Ginny for Yarn Along and Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On, to show you my latest finished object, modeled by L’Oiseau:

The finished Oriental Lily!

The finished Oriental Lily!

I blogged about this pattern (it’s Oriental Lily from Ravelry) in this post.

Now if she’ll just wear it.  I was able to get this modeling session only because I promised that she could take the dress off (and put on her Sleeping Beauty costume) immediately after I took the picture.  Sigh . . . it’s a tad big for her, so hopefully her taste in clothing will change soon and she’ll wear it before the cold weather ends.  Right now she wants to wear only costumes: some days it’s Alice in Wonderland, some days Ariel or Sleeping Beauty, some days Dorothy (y’know, the Wizard of Oz Dorothy).

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A World Without Spinning?

L’Oiseau and I recently watched Sleeping Beauty, and I remembered (with a jolt!) a small detail of the story: after the threat is made to the princess’s life, the king orders that every spinning wheel in the kingdom be destroyed.  In the Disney movie, there’s even a scene that shows a big pile of spinning wheels on fire.  Oh, my eyes!

It occurred to me that they neglected to show the scene years later when every person in the kingdom is either naked or dressed in tatters.

Where would we be without spinning?  Sure, knitting and weaving are important, but without spinning, those pursuits couldn’t have been possible–what would they have knitted or woven with?  I’m a knitter, and I very much want to begin spinning, partly because I realize that’s where it all begins.

It’s not often that I consider the immense history of this family of hobbies that I love so much, but it’s a long one.

Beyond the central necessity of spinning to pretty much every fiber-related pursuit, there is so much evidence that the act itself is extremely important to good and full human experience.  Some historians believe that the first drop spindles, which came around 5000 BC (!) may have been the inspiration that led to the invention of the wheel around 3500 BC.  And any discussion of spinning always brings to mind Mohandas Ghandi’s suggestion that all Indians spin for an hour each morning in order to realize the meditative effects of the practice.  I’ve been told that he once said that more people spinning would result in less violence in the world (but I haven’t been able to find the exact quote).

I know that technology has evolved so that the act of spinning is no longer necessary for creating fiber, and some would say it’s an arcane activity, but I have to wonder what the world would be like if that simple act hadn’t come about so many millenia ago.

Yarn Along

Two posts in one day?  Whattup?!!  Well, L’Oiseau fell asleep at 6 pm, and I gotta take my chances when I get ’em.

Ginny at Small Things asked everybody to post what they are reading and knitting, so here’s mine:

Books, magazines, yarn, etc.

I am knitting Sheer Poncho in Malabrigo Lace 100% Baby Merino wool, color is Black Forest (No. 179).  I’m trying feverishly to finish it, so I can wear  it this fall, and so I can get started on Oriental Lily for L’Oiseau.

I am reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren — so many people rave about it, but so far, my jury is still out.  Also, The Holistic Orchard by Michael Phillips — this I love, and I’m learning so much and feeling very proud that I’m preparing myself to be an orchardist “one of these days.”

But my top favorite read, as always, is The Week.  I cannot say enough good things about this magazine.  It’s a compilation each week of the best of print media from around the world.  The editors at The Week read everything I wish I had time to read and distill it for me into this publication.  It covers news, politics, science, entertainment, real estate, business news, sports, drama, movies, food, art openings and exhibits.  It’s just fantastic.

Thanks for the invite to chat about reading and knitting, Ginny!  Two of my favorite things also.

In the beginning . . . .

Oh, the pressure of the first blog post.  I’ve been writing entries for months in my head, but now I’ve finally gone and done it and actually started this little sucker up.

We are myself (Lisa), my husband (L’Homme) and our daughter (L’Oiseau).  There’s also a maniacal cat (Biscuit) and a dog that’s almost too mellow (Popcorn).  Yes, I do realize that I’ve named my pets after food.  If you keep reading this blog, you’ll soon see that was no accident.  Food occupies a central role around here.

The supporting roles are filled by organic market gardening, child-rearing, knitting, crafting, etc., etc.

More later about what is going into the garden right now.  That’s right, I said what’s going in, even though most gardeners around here (southeastern United States) are taking more out at this time of year.  We reverse the seasons here at Etc. Farms — we grow only for ourselves in the summer months and do most of our growing and selling during the Fall-Winter-Spring.  So, more later about what we are planting.

Thanks for reading!