A new cutting garden

Well, I was feeling a little bummed out, because my patch of cutting flowers that has supplied so many lovely bouquets this year has been looking like this lately:

Sad, sad, bedraggled echinacea, you have served me well this year.

In other words, as my eloquent friend Ashley would say, like ass.

Then I strolled over to my mom’s house, which is a short walk through a tall pasture.  There I noticed things like this:

Hmm . . . kinda pretty

and these:

Hmmmm . . . even prettier. An idea is germinating.

So, a few minutes and many snips later, voilá:

Dried and native

I’m feeling a little proud at having some sort of panache with flower arranging, because it has never been my strong suit.

P.S.  Did you catch my little pun in one of the captions?  If you’re a word-geek and a gardener like me, you probably did, and please, do tell!