Bumper Crop


It’s time for Bumper Crop: What’s coming out of your garden, and, more importantly, what are you doing with it?  Every gardener knows the beautiful dilemma of having so much of a certain crop or two that you actually wish for the plants to stop producing, right?  So, leave a comment and tell me how you deal with your bumper crop.

Like so many southern gardeners, we have squash and squash and squash and squash.  I learned a great way to use it and some other vegetables that are also prolific in the summer: Summer Soup.  This recipe comes courtesy of Lynn Pugh at Cane Creek Farms in Cumming, GA.

Summer Soup

Chop up summer squash, potatoes, carrots and onion into relatively uniform pieces.  Chop up another 2 potatoes into bigger chunks and set these aside.

Put the uniformly chopped vegetables in a big stock pot with plenty of vegetable stock or bouillon to cover it (and maybe have an extra inch of liquid).  Bring it all to a boil, and add the bigger potato chunks at this point.  Let it all simmer until the first vegetables are nice and soft and the bigger potatoes are, y’know, soft enough.

Use an immersion blender (easiest) or pour the whole shebang into your blender (be careful not to burn yourself with splashing soup!).  Blend it into a nice smooth pureed soup, but leave some of the big potato chunks unblended or semi-blended.  They add a nice texture.

Add chopped dill and salt and pepper.  Enjoy!

2 comments on “Bumper Crop

  1. mason says:

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  2. etcfarmsblog says:

    Great! So glad you liked it.

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