Now, don’t go getting offended.  FO doesn’t stand for what you think it stands for.  It means Finished Object in knit-geek-speak.  I’m joining Ginny for Yarn Along and Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On to show you the latest thing off the needles:

L’Oiseau’s new hat

And here’s where I blogged about it and explained the specialness of the beads:

I’m very happy with this little number, and super happy with how the beaded tassel turned out.  The beads were gifts from various friends at our baby shower years ago, so it has special meaning.  I’ve learned that the multi-colored round bead was made by our friend Steven.  Still hoping to ID the others as friends see the photo and claim their bead.

As for current projects, this is still on the needles:

Oriental Lily sweater in Noro silk garden yarn

But it’s a bit longer than it was in that photo.  Hopefully it will be finished soon and join the FO club!

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8 comments on “FO!

  1. Jen Letts says:

    Doesn’t it feel great to add to the FO Club???

  2. Julia Swancy says:

    that hat is positively darling!! LOVE the bead idea!! I still have special beads from when each of mine were babies that were gifts from friends ❤ such a cool use of them!

    • etcfarmsblog says:

      thanks, Julia. Def make some hats with bead tassels for all those grown-up babies. L’Oiseau loves to swing hers around and pretend she has a ponytail, since she longs so fervently for long hair.

      • Julia Swancy says:

        aww! I love that nickname too. such a pretty little birdie ❤ my girl wants to spend the night after visiting today– it has been declared that L'Oiseau has fun toys!

  3. Meadow says:

    That hat is adorable!

    • etcfarmsblog says:

      Thanks so much! I have to laugh at WordPress — I know why it is this way, but when I’m asked to “approve” a comment that is just giving me such a nice compliment, it always makes me chuckle.

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