Fall Bucket List, updated

Go to the Georgia National Fair.   This is the supremo county/state fair.  It’s called national because people come from all over the US to enter their livestock, arts and crafts, foods, etc.  The midway is always spectacular, and the setting at the fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia (you might have noticed it if you ever traveled I-75 through middle Georgia) is lovely.

Go to at least one craft fair.   Done.  We had a lovely time at the Pine Log Craft Fair at lovely little Pine Log United Methodist Church in Pine Log, Georgia.  Yes, there are a lot of pine trees in the area.

Go to a chili cook-off and serve as an unrecognized judge.

Go on a hayride.

Go camping at least once and have hot dogs and hot chocolate around the campfire.

Get the Halloween pumpkin from a pumpkin farm, carve it, and roast the seeds.

Knit a new sweater for L’Oiseau.

Go hiking and collect acorns for acorn crafts.

Go to a high school football game.  Okay, found out that local high school games cost about $8 – $10 to attend.  Fuhgettaboutit!  I used to pay $2.50 to see a game. 

What’s on YOUR bucket list for the Fall?

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